No Sunglasses, Please

Wharton Esherick didn’t like it when people came to his Studio wearing sunglasses. He wanted to see their whole expressions. Empathy was

No Sunglasses, Please2023-11-22T11:35:27-05:00

Behind the Scenes: Home as Stage

On September 15, 2022, the Wharton Esherick Museum opened the third and final temporary installation of our 50th anniversary year celebration, Home

Behind the Scenes: Home as Stage2023-11-22T11:35:19-05:00

Exploring Self Portraits

Coat peg that Esherick carved of himself, Oak, 1926, Wharton Esherick Museum Collection. Wharton Esherick’s Studio wall including his

Exploring Self Portraits2023-11-22T11:34:59-05:00

Letty Nofer Esherick

Photograph from Esherick family photo albums of Wharton and Letty under the grape arbor at Sunekrest. Date unknown, likely 1915-1916. The beginning

Letty Nofer Esherick2023-11-22T11:34:52-05:00

Esherick’s Architecture Library

What Esherick was Reading: Architecture Wharton Esherick was a voracious reader with both professional and personal connections to the literary world. In

Esherick’s Architecture Library2023-11-22T11:34:44-05:00


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