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Spotlight Talk: A Look at Wharton and Miriam in the Archives

Enjoy the conversation as we take a closer look at the relationship between Wharton Esherick and Miriam Philips, highlighting their teamwork and partnership over the last twenty years of Wharton’s life. Through the lens of our recent archival discoveries, which have shed a light on Esherick’s life in the 1950s and 60s, we highlight Miriam’s role not only as Wharton’s companion but also as an important figure in his business, often corresponding on his behalf to various patrons and clients.

Led by Archives Fellow Erin Palmer, we explore a selection of archival documents in this 20-minute program to illustrate just how much they depended on one another and how important they were to one another, with a little time at the end for questions and conversation!

Spotlight Talk: Filming with Craft in America

Grab a hot cocoa and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at filming for the PBS Craft in America series episode HOME! In this fun, 20-minute program we celebrate the close of our 50th Anniversary year with a conversation with WEM Executive Director Julie Siglin, Curatorial Director Emily Zilber, and Research and Interpretation Director Holly Gore, about their experience filming the episode and highlighting Esherick in this Peabody Award-winning series. The episode, which centers on artists whose environments are filled with meaning and metaphor, includes Wharton Esherick along with Syd Carpenter, Helen Drutt, Biskakone Greg Johnson, North House Folk School, and Sim Van de Ryn. You can view the full episode here – and then enjoy questions and conversation!

Spotlight Talk: Esherick Connections from the Fabric Workshop and Museum

As a part of our current exhibition Home as Stage, WEM has been lucky enough to borrow works by four artists and architects – Viola Frey (1933-2004), Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011), Lenore Tawney (1907-2007), and Robert Venturi (1925-2018) – from the collection of the Fabric Workshop and Museum. In this 20-minute spotlight talk, we look at the works on loan and explore how the lives of these four makers intersected with Esherick’s own history, whether in highly personal ways or by belonging to Esherick’s extended network of creative connections.

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Home as Stage Virtual Opening

Creatives on Esherick: Virginia Blanchard

Spotlight Talk: Esherick’s Concrete Architecture of the 1960s

Spotlight Talk: June Groff

Spotlight Talk: Coat Peg Portraits

Spotlight Talk: Esherick’s Self Portrait

Creatives on Esherick: Katie Hudnall

Spotlight Talk: Building the Studio

Spotlight Talk: Architectural Drawings

Spotlight Talk: Anne Tyng, Geometric Architecture, and the Wharton Esherick 1956 Workshop

Creatives on Esherick: Sam Olshin and Lisa Dustin, Atkin Olshin Schade (AOS) Architects

Spotlight Talk: Preserving Esherick’s Windows

Curator Conversations: Daring Design with Mark Sfirri

Creatives on Esherick: Roberta Massuch: Artist-in-Residence

Curator Conversations: Daring Design with Laura Igoe

Spotlight Talk: Helene Fischer, Wharton Esherick, and Furniture as Sculpture

Spotlight Talk: Gifts

Spotlight Talk: Esherick’s Bedroom

Spotlight Talk: The Holzhausen Curtains

Spotlight Talk: Marjorie Content Photographs

Creatives on Esherick: Christian Burchard

Curator Conversations: Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet with Jennifer-Navva Milliken

Spotlight Talk: Barnegat Bay Map

Wood And… Opening Reception

Curator Conversations: Exploring the American Craft Council Digital Collections with Beth Goodrich

Spotlight Talk: The Homemade Bandsaw

Creatives on Esherick: Jason Turnidge

Spotlight Talk: Esherick’s Models

Creatives on Esherick: Aspen Golann

Creatives on Esherick: Sarah Watlington

Spotlight Talk: Material Combinations in the Studio

Curator Conversations: Stairways to Imagining with Mary Savig

Spotlight Talk: In the Garden with Wharton Esherick

Spotlight Talk: Wharton’s Printing Press

Curator Conversations: Woodworking, Labor, and Modernism with Holly Gore

Spotlight Talk: Esherick’s World’s Fair Chair

Curator Conversations: Homer, Esherick, and Interpreting Artists’ Studios with Diana Greenwold

Spotlight Talk: Henry Varnum Poor’s Portrait Plates

Creatives on Esherick: Keunho Peter Park

Spotlight Talk: Winter Woodcuts

Curator Conversations: Exploring Connections at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with Nonie Gadsden

Creatives on Esherick: Laura Mays

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