Wharton Esherick Cast in Metal

If you know one thing about Wharton Esherick, you know he worked with wood. At the Museum, we know Wharton quite well

Wharton Esherick Cast in Metal2023-09-28T11:12:32-04:00

Preserving Esherick’s Workshop Chimney

  In 1956, construction of Wharton Esherick’s new workshop was completed. The building, sited just a few steps from the Studio and

Preserving Esherick’s Workshop Chimney2023-09-14T10:57:41-04:00

Can You Mass-Produce an Esherick?

Single Music Stand, 1960, Cherry, walnut, 44 x 18.25 x 20, from the Collection of the Wharton Esherick Museum. Photo by

Can You Mass-Produce an Esherick?2023-05-31T12:44:37-04:00

Martha McDonald: Artist-in-Residence

This year we are delighted to host Philadelphia-based artist Martha McDonald as our 2023 WEM Artist-in-Residence. Beginning last winter, Martha began a

Martha McDonald: Artist-in-Residence2023-04-28T12:58:28-04:00

Storytelling at WEM

Storytelling was an integral part of Esherick’s humor and personality so, naturally, stories found their way into his furniture, sculpture, prints, and

Storytelling at WEM2023-03-28T14:05:53-04:00


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