Wharton Esherick’s Camp Tables

  This spring we opened our doors with Movement is Life, an exhibition exploring the influence of modernist dance communities on Esherick’s

Wharton Esherick’s Camp Tables2024-04-29T15:14:51-04:00

Wharton Esherick’s Notes on Thoreau

    In the biography Wharton Esherick: The Journey of a Creative Mind, Mansfield Bascom notes that Esherick was introduced to the

Wharton Esherick’s Notes on Thoreau2024-02-26T18:30:41-05:00

Supporting Artists in the WEM Store

In Nat Rubinson’s words, “Artists can be the loneliest people in the world – sitting there with a blank canvas in front

Supporting Artists in the WEM Store2023-12-01T10:18:21-05:00

Wharton Esherick Cast in Metal

If you know one thing about Wharton Esherick, you know he worked with wood. At the Museum, we know Wharton quite well

Wharton Esherick Cast in Metal2024-05-03T14:26:00-04:00

Preserving Esherick’s Workshop Chimney

  In 1956, construction of Wharton Esherick’s new workshop was completed. The building, sited just a few steps from the Studio and

Preserving Esherick’s Workshop Chimney2024-05-02T12:10:35-04:00


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