Esherick’s Architecture Library

What Esherick was Reading: Architecture Wharton Esherick was a voracious reader with both professional and personal connections to the literary world. In

Esherick’s Architecture Library2022-05-03T01:54:21-04:00

Gifts in the Studio

Tucked among the handcrafted furniture and fixtures of Esherick’s Studio are those few items not made by Esherick himself – the gifts

Gifts in the Studio2021-12-23T13:37:33-05:00

Esherick’s Drawer Designs

Wharton Esherick's 1958 Cabinet Desk. Photo courtesy of James Mario.   A drawer is something that most of us hardly

Esherick’s Drawer Designs2021-11-29T14:21:01-05:00

New Discoveries in the Archives

WEM Director of Curatorial Affairs and Strategic Partnerships Emily Zilber shares insights into new archival discoveries.   This September, Stories

New Discoveries in the Archives2021-10-28T10:37:11-04:00

Esherick at the New Jersey Shore

Wharton Esherick and his brothers, Barnegat Bay, NJ c.1905.   As vacationers of all stripes steal off to the Jersey

Esherick at the New Jersey Shore2021-08-26T16:40:17-04:00

A Happy Birthday to Wharton

Wharton Esherick in 1966, photo by Donald McKinley. Wharton Esherick Museum Collection.   This month we are celebrating Wharton Esherick’s

A Happy Birthday to Wharton2021-07-15T10:43:52-04:00


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