Museum Staff

Maria Franey

Visitor Engagement Manager

Sophie Glenn

Visitor Experience and Program Specialist

Andrew Gustine

Building Preservation Director

Julie Siglin

Executive Director

Alex Till

Curatorial Assistant

David Washington

Grounds & Facilities Manager

Katie Wynne

Communications and Public Programs Director

Emily Zilber

Director of Curatorial Affairs and Strategic Partnerships

Board Members

Nicole Riegl, President
Gary Baum, Treasurer
Ron McColl, Secretary
Mansfield Bascom*
Geoffrey Berwind
Jasper Brinton
Marc Cooper
Albert LeCoff
Kate Quinn
Paul Savidge


Advisory Board

Irene Chambers
John Danzer
Craig Edelbrock
David Esherick
Pru Haines
Robyn Horn
Mark Sfirri


The Wharton Esherick Museum relies heavily on an exceptional group of volunteers, which includes the following docents and many others!

Paul Brogan
Patricia Exley
Dan Kornegay
Cynthia Latham
Rob Leonard
Cathy McFee
Joyce Stoeber
Bob Zrebiec

Interested in volunteering? Learn more here.