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Home as Site

–May 15, 2022
Wharton Esherick Museum

Daring Design: The Impact of Three Women on Wharton Esherick’s Craft

–Feb 6, 2022
Michener Art Museum
room with wood floor, walls, and ceiling, and wooden table and chairs. A large window at the far side of the room is reflected in a large mirror on the right wall.

Following Esherick

–June 27, 2021
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
Man drawing chalk line across wood boards

Wharton Esherick: An Artistic Legacy Through Necessity

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Becky Suss - Wharton Esherick

Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick

Nov 16, 2018 — Jan 26, 2019

Annual Juried Woodworking Exhibitions

Home as Self

–August 28, 2022
Detail of glass cabinet doors shows etching of waistline of two figures, one on each door, male and female.

Wood And…

–Sept 12, 2021

Artist Projects

Home as Stage

Works by Emily Carris-DuncanKay HealyColin Pezzano, and Stacey Lee Webber

– Dec 30, 2022
a yellow ceramic square with open spaces lets the light through from underneath a staircase

Roberta Massuch: Artist-in-Residence

–Dec 30, 2021

Annual Imprint Exhibitions

Winnie Kenney, Portrait of the Hutch Strath Haven High School

Imprint 2022

–Dec 30, 2022

Imprint 2021

–Dec 30, 2021

Imprint 2020

–May 24, 2020

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