Hidden in the Cabinet Desk

  Wharton Esherick's 1958 Cabinet Desk. Photo courtesy of James Mario. This month we were excited for the opening of

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Wharton Esherick’s Longest Drawing

https://youtu.be/8qjUNltQpU4   On each visit to Wharton Esherick’s Studio, you will undoubtedly see an open drawer or cabinet filled with Esherick’s belongings.

Wharton Esherick’s Longest Drawing2020-09-22T15:18:00-04:00

In the Kitchen with Wharton Esherick

Wharton Esherick's kitchen, added in 1966. Written in 2016 by Dan Macey, this article originally accompanied an event for the

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Setting Sail

  This month's blog post was written by Wharton Esherick Museum Executive Director, Julie Siglin. I have always found sailboats to be

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Poor Influences Esherick Influences Poor…

This month's article was originally published in the Wharton Esherick Museum Quarterly from Spring 1993.  Wharton Esherick and Henry Varnum Poor were

Poor Influences Esherick Influences Poor…2020-05-07T19:27:23-04:00


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