Welcome to Imprint 2021, our 13th annual high school print competition and exhibition. 2021 is the first year this exhibition will be entirely virtual, allowing us to reach a wider audience than ever before! This online exhibition represents a juried selection of works submitted by high school students from across Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. 

The Imprint program encourages new generations of young artists in the medium of relief printmaking. When Wharton Esherick was a young artist, woodcut printmaking was a critical medium in his artistic development. Through printmaking, Esherick transitioned from a young painter to an internationally recognized artist and furniture designer. You can see Esherick’s prints in our collection and in the collections of other institutions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art. To see a new print from the Esherick Museum’s collection every week, follow us on Facebook  each “Woodcut Wednesday.”

Recognizing the pivotal role that printmaking played in Esherick’s life, we are delighted to once again highlight young artists who represent the future of this powerful medium, with Imprint. In this most difficult year, rife with challenges, countless students found themselves learning and practicing printmaking from home. Nevertheless, we received a truly astounding array of beautiful submissions, spanning numerous themes and techniques. It is with this in mind as we embark on another year of Imprint, we applaud art teachers and students everywhere, who have continued to create, even in the face of adversity.

First Place

Hannah Schermer,
Národní dům na Vinohradech

Springfield Township High School

Hannah Schermer, Springfield Township High School, "Národní dům na Vinohradech"
Tala Garibay, The Christian Academy, "Roar!"

Second Place

Tala Garibay, Roar!
The Christian Academy

Bonnie Ray, Great Valley High School, "Mr. Garfoth's Onyx Lens"

Third Place

Bonnie Ray, Mr. Garfoth’s Onyx Lens
Great Valley High School

Honorable Mention

Alia Rodriguez, Little Flower Catholic Girls High School, "Wildflower"

Alia Rodriguez, Wildflower
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

Viewer’s Choice Award

Kaidence McCormac, Almost Home
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls


Brielle Black, Abington Senior High School, "Improving"

Brielle Black, Improving
Abington Senior High School

Malayna DiPlacido, Abington Senior High School, "Finn"

Malayna DiPlacido, Finn
Abington Senior High School

Kezia Skates, The Christian Academy, "Waiting for God"

Kezia Skates, Waiting for God
The Christian Academy

Zoe Y., Delaware County Christian School, "Army of Bunnies"

Zoe Y., Army of Bunnies
Delaware County Christian School

Skylar Jones, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, "Teddy"

Skylar Jones, Teddy
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

Norah Fletcher, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, "The Sound of Silence"

Norah Fletcher, The Sound of Silence
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

Ciara Cassisse, Abington Senior High School, "If You See Something, Say Something"

Ciara Cassisse, If You See Something, Say Something
Abington Senior High School

Jordan Finamore, Abington Senior High School, "Offline"

Jordan Finamore, Offline
Abington Senior High School

Ashley Beaumont, Council Rock High School South, "Train Ride"

Ashley Beaumont, Train Ride
Council Rock High School South

Ally Wen, Great Valley High School, "Winter Cabin"

Ally Wen, Winter Cabin
Great Valley High School

Gavin Shewbrooks, Holy Ghost Preparatory School, "Earning Your Stripes"

Gavin Shewbrooks, Earning Your Stripes
Holy Ghost Preparatory School

Luke Slavin, Holy Ghost Preparatory School, "Free Willy"

Luke Slavin, Free Willy
Holy Ghost Preparatory School

Daniel Chiolan, Holy Ghost Preparatory School, "Foxy"

Daniel Chiolan, Foxy
Holy Ghost Preparatory School

Paige Cheitwoskyj, Abington Senior High School, "Exploding Growth"

Paige Cheitwoskyj, Exploding Growth
Abington Senior High School

Susie Griffith, The Christian Academy, "Amusement"

Susie Griffith, Amusement
The Christian Academy

Hailey W., Delaware County Christian School, "Pieces"

Hailey W., Pieces
Delaware County Christian School

Sarah Howard, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, "Dead to Me"

Sarah Howard, Dead to Me
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

John Schroeder, Holy Ghost Preparatory School, "Let's Hang"

John Schroeder, Let’s Hang
Holy Ghost Preparatory School

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Looking to bring printmaking into your classroom?

Check out our Making an Imprint Unit Plan for high school students.

Take your students through the full five-lesson unit, covering history, criticism, and practice, or simply pick and choose those activities that best suit your needs!

We also created a companion plan, Fellow Citizen: Digital Citizenship and the Printmaker, to help guide students through the ins and outs of copyright law, ethics, and fair use in the digital landscape.