Support FAQs

Is Friends of Esherick a membership program?

Yes! We call our newly-designed membership program Friends of Esherick to recognize that so many of you in our community are supporters from across the country and even the globe united by our appreciation for Esherick’s legacy. Furthermore, a membership here is not just transactional — through your support you are celebrating Esherick’s creative spirit and the values embodied in his handcrafted studio home, and actively ensuring the preservation of his legacy for generations to come.

What is the difference between a donor and a Friend of Esherick member?

There are two ways that you can support the museum financially — through a Friends of Esherick membership or through a donation. We are grateful for both! In short, if you want to receive free admission and other benefits become a Friend of Esherick member. If you prefer, you can waive those benefits to make a donation that is fully tax-deductible. You can also support the museum by becoming a volunteer!

Do members still need to make a reservation?

Yes! All visitors, including members, must make advance reservations for a tour. You can book your tour here; be sure to use the promocode included in your membership packet at checkout to redeem your free admission benefit. For additional assistance please call 610-644-5822 or email us at [email protected].

How do I redeem my free admission benefits or museum store discount?

Friends of Esherick members receive two promocodes in their membership materials which are sent by both mail and email. One promocode can be used for booking a tour and the other to redeem your museum store discount.