The Wharton Esherick Museum would be nothing without our volunteers. We depend on them to give tours, maintain the landscape and to archive the collection.

This month’s spotlight shines on Nicole Riegl.

Nicole has been a volunteer docent since 2006, making her debut tour in 2007. Her journey started when she toured WEM during a Main Line Chamber of Commerce function. The experience left her enamored with the artistry of Esherick’s work, and she immediately approached the Museum’s director to ask, “How can I help?” He replied, “Become a docent,” and she’s never looked back since.

Albeit Nicole faced a few bumps when becoming a docent, her affinity for art history pervaded any obstacles. For example, she recalls studying the “Docent’s Manual” and the numerous pieces in the museum more thoroughly than anything else before. Also, when giving her first tour, Nicole’s aunt Sally stumped her with a question right off the bat. Thankfully, it was a question that confounded even WEM’s curator, so all hope was restored.

Before joining the Museum, Nicole majored in Art History and then translated her collegiate studies into becoming the Marketing and Operations Director for the Satell Center for Executive Training.  Outside of work, she plays tennis, golf and loves to entertain her friends and family with good wine, food and cheer. And storytelling too. Nicole is an excellent icebreaker, passing along factoids such as she’s on the cover of an early 70s Bonnie Raitt album and that she is related to the only man ever convicted of cannibalism in U.S. history (the validity of his guilt is still in question).

Yet Nicole’s big passion lies in gourmet cooking. She recently launched her own cooking blog,, where you can find sophisticated, mouthwatering, yet simple, recipes such as Grilled Flank Steak with Coffee Marinade, Lamb Ragú with Mint and Simple Chocolate Honey Mousse.

With her active life, we truly appreciate Nicole sharing her passion and support with the Esherick Museum. She assures anyone interested in becoming a docent that the rewards outweigh the challenges, and she says,

 “Have fun with volunteering – remember you chose to do this!  And, play to your strengths.  One of most amazing things about being a docent at this museum is that you craft your own tour—so it really reflects who you are.  I think this allows you to have more fun. “

We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you, Nicole!

If you are interested in joining WEM as a volunteer, then Come Join Us!

If you have any questions call (610) 644-5822 or email [email protected]


Post by Lauren Otero.