• gracefully curving wooden double music stand
  • gracefully curving wooden double music stand
  • detail of wood surface with initials W. E. and 1962 carves into the surface

Double Music Stand

Wharton Esherick


Cherry, walnut

39 x 21 x 17.5 inches

Collection of the Wharton Esherick Museum

Images courtesy of Eoin O’Neill

The Double Music Stand, of which Esherick made only three examples, adapts Esherick’s classic design. Intended for two flautists, the stand’s legs are joined by a shelf intended to hold (as Esherick jokingly noted) a “little snifter in case you feel faint during a performance.” In 1958, the Double Music Stand was selected for exhibition at both the Brussels World’s Fair and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts (now the Museum of Arts and Design) in New York.